Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts: The Complete List

Are you aware of the numerous Gmail keyboard shortcuts that can make your life easier? If your answer is No, then you are not alone. I haven’t yet come across any keyboard shortcuts for Gmail and always assumed that it doesn’t have any.

I did a little digging, only to realize that there are in fact a lot of keyboard shortcuts that can improve your productivity and save you a lot of time.

Now, there are a few shortcuts in Gmail that are enabled by default and can be used immediately. A few other keyboard shortcuts have to be enabled before you can use them. To enable the additional keyboard shortcuts, click on the cog icon at the top right of Gmail and select Settings. Scroll down to ‘Keyboard shortcuts’, select ‘Keyboard shortcuts on’, then click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Enabling gmail keyboard shortcuts

To quickly see a list of keyboard shortcuts in Gmail, press Shift + ?. The shortcuts appear as an inbox overlay that you can dismiss by pressing Esc.

Complete list of Gmail keyboard shortcuts

Shortcuts that are auto-enabled

Shortcut Key Action
Compose and Chat
<Shift> + <Esc> Focus main window
<Esc> Focus latest chat or compose
<Ctrl> + . Advance to next chat or compose
<Ctrl> + , Advance to previous chat or compose
<Ctrl> + <Enter> Send
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + c Add cc recipients
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + b Add bcc recipients
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + f Access custom from
<Ctrl> + k Insert a link
<Ctrl> + ; Go to previous misspelled word
<Ctrl> + ‘ Go to next misspelled word
<Ctrl> + m Open spelling suggestions
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + 5 Previous font
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + 6 Next font
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + – Decrease text size
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + + Increase text size
<Ctrl> + b Bold
<Ctrl> + i Italics
<Ctrl> + u Underline
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + 7 Numbered list
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + 8 Bulleted list
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + 9 Quote
<Ctrl> + [ Indent less
<Ctrl> + ] Indent more
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + l Align left
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + e Align center
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + r Align right
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + , Set right-to-left
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + . Set left-to-right
<Ctrl> + \ Remove formatting

Shortcuts that can be used after being enabled

Shortcut Key Action
g then i Go to Inbox
g then s Go to Starred conversations
g then t Go to Sent messages
g then d Go to Drafts
g then a Go to All mail
g then c Go to Contacts
g then k Go to Tasks
g then l Go to Label
Threadlist selection
* then a Select all conversations
* then n Deselect all conversations
* then r Select read conversations
* then u Select unread conversations
* then s Select starred conversations
* then t Select unstarred conversations
u Back to threadlist
k / j Newer/older conversation
o or <Enter> Open conversation; collapse/expand conversation
p / n Read previous/next message
` Go to next inbox section
~ Go to previous inbox section
c Compose
d Compose in a tab (new compose only)
/ Search mail
q Search chat contacts
. Open “more actions” menu
v Open “move to” menu
l Open “label as” menu
? Open keyboard shortcut help
, Move focus to toolbar
x Select conversation
s Rotate superstar
y Remove label
e Archive
m Mute conversation
! Report as spam
# Delete
r Reply
<Shift> + r Reply in a new window
a Reply all
<Shift> + a Reply all in a new window
f : Forward
<Shift> + f Forward in a new window
<Shift> + n Update conversation
] / [ Remove conversation from current view and go previous/next
} / { Archive conversation and go previous/next
z : Undo last action
<Shift> + i Mark as read
<Shift> + u Mark as unread
_ Mark unread from the selected message
+ or = Mark as important
Mark as not important
<Shift> + t Add conversation to Tasks

Do try out the Gmail keyboard shortcuts and don’t forget to share this with your friends if you found it useful.


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    Hi Arpit, How are you doing today? :)

    The list you have provided here is so complete that even if someone’s mouse goes out of order, one can use keyword to operate Gmail. :)

    Formatting is always easy with CTRL+B/I/U 😛 Just checked compose by pressing “c” and yeah it doesn’t work until enabled. :)

    Good that you sorted the shortcuts in two categories – Auto enabled and the ones that must be enabled before using,

    Interesting post with comprehensive list of Gmail Keyboard shortcuts. Thanks for sharing. Good day!

    – Rohan Chaubey.

    P.S. Sharing this post on Twitter under the handle @Rohanlicious.
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  2. says

    Hey Rohan,

    Had a lot going on in the past week, hence the late reply. I am glad that you found the post useful :)

    These shortcuts will help you save time and increase your productivity. It’s nice to know that you have tried a few of them. Thanks for sharing and you have a nice weekend :)
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