Flyzoo is an Excellent Online Chat Solution

Being connected with each other has become a necessity these days. We all are connected to the internet almost 24×7 and have access to various social communities, forums and websites. It is great to interact with like-minded individuals in such communities and to have a good discussion, help each other, answer questions and solve problems. But, how many such communities have offered you the feature to communicate real-time with each other?

Real-time communication is at the core of any thriving community, while it’s easy to build them with tools like BuddyPress or Joomla, finding a good chat can be tricky. Most solutions on the market offer an outdated user experience and self-hosted chats are resource intensive. Finally, we have an awesome solution to this problem with Flyzoo.

Flyzoo provides a sleek, powerful community chat ready in 5 min! You can add a chat to your buddypress or joomla community in a hassle free manner. It offers an array of amazing features that will make your blog, community or website way more cooler. Let’s have a look at Flyzoo’s features.

Group Chats

Group chat is a great way to engage your audience in conversations and Flyzoo gives you this feature. The premium feature of this application allows you to add multiple group chats to your website. Users can chat privately with each other, create their profiles and avatars. Media content from YouTube, Vimeo can be easily enabled/disabled and you also get to use emojis in your chat. Files can be easily shared between users as well.

Flyzoo online chat solution

Design and Layout

Flyzoo has a great design and the fun does not stop there! You can customize the layout and play with the colours. The modern look of the app is amazing and you can also set your personalized welcome messages. Flyzoo also provides three layout modes to perfectly match your needs. Also, the responsive mobile design ensures smooth experience on mobile platforms as well.

Live Support Chat

If you are running an online business, you will be aware of the importance of live chat and customer support. With Flyzoo you can easily create operators for your live chat needs and can route the support requests to your next available agent. Along with this you get online & offline message templates and real-time visitor monitoring.

Flyzoo customer support

Flyzoo is giving you a 14 day free trial to check out the application. Do give it a try and if you are satisfied with the product you can choose from their very affordable plans. Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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