Fidor Bank Starts Using Bitcoins and Expands Overseas

Fidor Bank, a Germany based bank has recently announced that they will offer a new option named Bitcoin Express which will allow its customers to purchase as well as sell bitcoin without any hassle. This is the first bank that manages to implement such a service on the market, and the best part about it is surely the fact that people can now find a good, reliable bank where they can exchange their bitcoins securely, something that was indeed a huge problem for a multitude of users.

The new option was created to help people handle the delays that came with exchange transactions which made people wait for hours and hours until the service was complete. This sometimes took even longer if the transaction was made on the website. With the new system though, the transactions are performed a lot faster and there aren’t any delays, something that makes the overall operation a lot more convenient.

Fidor bank to accept bitcoin

Thanks to this new purchase option, you can use the funds in your bank account to purchase bitcoins and the transaction will be made immediately and easily. This new Smart Giro Account is a normal bank account that brings the usual features, such as low cost credit cards or interest on credit balances, but the main idea and what makes it really special is that the card can easily be recharged with bitcoin. Not only this brings a new era in banking, but it also shows how important bitcoin has actually become in today’s market. According to the bank representatives, users will be able to actually make these transactions directly on the site, if they do want to perform such a thing.

Fidor Bank will also expand in the US. Providing these unique services in the thriving US market will surely generate a lot of profit for the bank. Fidor Bank is widely known as being one of the modern banks that has always managed to implement new technologies in order to bring power into the hands of the users.

With the interesting deployment of Fidor Bank in the US market, we might be living the mainstream acceptance of the bitcoin platform in the real world, and with enough luck this might actually dictate and at the same time create a digital economy that we will all be able to use and enjoy. Sure, it might be a little too soon for this to happen, but it certainly looks promising.

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