Facebook knows who you are dating !

Surprised ? Don’t be ! Facebook knows who you are dating. Scientists claim that they have developed an algorithm that can accurately keep tab on who you are dating and when are you in danger of breaking up.

This Algorithm is developed by a senior Facebook engineer and a Cornell University professor.This algorithm takes advantage of new metric system called  ‘dispersion’, which looks at connection between people who have different set of friends.


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Close friends are likely to share a lot of common friend’s and this is called ’embeddedness’ by the scientists. Multiple sets of anonymous data, including a large data set from 1.3 million Facebook users was used by the researchers. The results were 60% accurate on the dating life of Facebook users.

Researchers also looked at metrics such as how many times a user viewed another person’s profile, attended the same events and the messages that were sent. Dispersion turned out to be the most overall accurate metric for determining relationships.

Image Credit: Salon

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