Effective and Free iPhone Data Recovery Using iFoneMate

Using an iPhone can be an amazing experience, but there are situations in which data will get corrupt, deleted or lost. Even if such a thing does happen, you don’t have to panic; because you just need to have the access to an iPhone data recovery  software such as iFoneMate and then you can experience the best results very fast!


What is iFoneMate?

iFoneMate is an application that was created with a simple premise, to perform free iPhone data recovery and thus retrieve data from your iPhone very fast and without restriction. This impressive data recovery software offers 3 recovery methods that you can use as you see fit and each one of them is designed in order to offer you a complete way to retrieve data from iPhone with stellar results.

1) Directly from the iOS device

If you want to perform free iPhone data recovery, all you need to do is to connect the device to PC right after you deleted the file, then use the iFoneMate app to scan the device in order to find the lost data. It might take a little while in order to do so, keep that in mind. Once the scan is completed make sure that you preview the data, if possible, and then recover the lost data to your computer.

2) Using iTunes Backup

You will first need to install iFoneMate and once that is done select the option to use an iTunes backup. You have to select the iTunes backup at first, and then you need to scan the backup file in order to find the lost data. This will take a while depending on its side, so be patient. Once that is done, you will be able to preview and then recover lost data from iPhone, again you will need to wait a little based on the size of your files.

3) Using iCloud backups

If you want to perform iPhone data recovery using iCloud, you can do that as well. You just have to enter the iFoneMate application, select the desired iCloud backup and then login to the service, then the app will automatically scan the backup file and show you its content. If the lost data is found there, then you just need to press Recover.

As you can see, it can be very easy to use the iFoneMate which provides free iPhone data recovery, it all comes down to using the proper tools and bringing in front the best results at all times. Don’t hesitate and instead try out the iFoneMate application right now, as it offers you the ultimate quality when it comes to professional iPhone data recovery! This is the app that has the highest success rate when it comes to iPhone data recovery, so you can use it with confidence. All you have to do is to find the proper recovery method and you will like the results for sure!

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