Discover Mobile Music Freedom With HearNotes

At some point, almost every audio lover has wished for wireless earbuds or headsets that would allow them the privacy of an individual listening experience without the hassle of wires connecting the earbuds to their media device. HearNotes, which features revolutionary wireFREE technology, has made these wires obsolete. These earbuds allow you to listen to high fidelity stereo audio without even a single wire to hinder your listening pleasure. By supporting HearNotes on Kickstarter, you will be securing your own pair of HearNotes – putting you on the cutting edge of audio technology – as well as investing in the company that has made this technological marvel possible.

HearNotes wire free headphones

These modern earbuds are designed with the listener’s comfort and experience in mind. They feature an ergonomic fit that makes certain the devices stay where they should (even if you’re dancing or exercising) with complete comfort. The wireFREE technology extends to the charging method as well. HearNotes come with a charging pad to provide infinite hours of listening pleasure that inductively charges the earbuds and transmitter, while doubling as a protective travel case. The versatile transmitter works with any device that features a 3.5mm jack (including smart phones, stereo systems, portable speakers, computers, and televisions), and offers a range of up to 50 feet. Since the transmitter itself holds a charge, using it will not drain extra power from the device it is connected to.

The balanced armature speakers within HearNotes are designed with music-listening in mind, and create a rich soundscape that conveys all of the audio nuances without the drop-off or interference typical of Bluetooth. Once the earbuds and transmitter are charged, they provide a battery life of more than five hours– making them ideal for workouts, chores, errands, or any other time you want to listen to high-quality music without the hassle of wires, cords or tangles. The charging pad/carrying case has a high-density foam insert to provide optimal protection, and its LED fuel gauge display takes out all the guesswork of charging progress.

HearNotes epitomize the potential of the contemporary mobile music experience, and will soon make that potential available to the open market. Contributions to the HearNotes Kickstarter campaign guarantee you a spot as one of the first to use this groundbreaking technology, as well a place in history as one of the forward-thinking individuals who made this revolution possible.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your HearNotes wireFREE here!

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