How to Check if Your TV Remote is Working Properly Using a Smartphone

Very often we experience one of the many remotes in our house not working properly. This is very common with the TV remote. In such situations we generally tend to tap the remote to get it to work, try to point it to the TV from all possible angles hoping that it will start working again.

If none of the techniques work out, the only option left is to open up the back cover of the TV remote and change the batteries. However, before doing any of this there is a very simple technique to check if your TV remote is still transmitting a signal. For this you will need your smartphone.

Open up the camera app on your smartphone and point the TV remote to the smartphone’s camera lens. Press any button on the remote. If your remote is working fine, you will be able to see a purple light being emitted from the remote’s IR bulb when looking through your smartphone’s camera. Your eyes cannot see in infrared but your camera can!

Check TV remote using smartphone

This is a very simple technique using which you can check if your TV remote is working properly. You can try this using any other remote as well that uses IR.

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