[Video] Jetpacks Are Real !


Remember the animated TV series called as Centurions that you used to watch in your childhood days ? We all were fascinated by the characters who dressed in specially created exo-frames that allowed them to fuse with weapon systems - power of man and machine. The most epic weapon system was perhaps the one meant for air missions with the Jet-pack and other aerial … [Read more...]

One Direction – Story of My Life: Vivo took down the views ?


As soon as One Direction's Story of My Life was put up on YouTube, the fans went crazy ! The Views kept increasing exponentially as the clock ticked. Fans had only one aim, to get the maximum number of views in 24 hours. The fans claim that this One Direction's video had already reached the 20 million mark but to their surprise, 13 million views were allegedly "taken down". … [Read more...]