Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS

Difference between http and https

Before listing out the difference between HTTP and HTTPS, it is very important to know what is actually meant by HTTP and HTTPS. What is HTTP ? HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. To put it in simple words, this is the protocol that allows you to communicate with websites. HTTP protocol works on the client-server relationship. Let's say that you have a laptop with a … [Read more...]

Improve Laptop Gaming Performance – 7 Easy Ways

How to Improve laptop gaming performance

How to improve laptop gaming performance ? This is a pretty common question asked by gamers who like portability. When we compare the gaming performance of a Laptop with that of a desktop PC, the latter will always be the clear winner. Reason being that, it offers a variety of options to customize your hardware as per the gaming requirements. With Laptops, we don't have that … [Read more...]

5 Useful Google Chrome Tips and Tricks

Google chrome tips

Google chrome is the most widely used web browser today. Let's make your favorite web browser more interesting with these 5 useful Google Chrome tips and tricks. These tips and tricks are very simple and do not require the installation of any add ons or extensions. Google Chrome Tips and Tricks 1) Task Manager One of my favourite Google Chrome tips is the use of task manager … [Read more...]