Why Choose Oracle ADF Over Other Frameworks

Oracle ADF

Oracle Administration Development Framework (ADF, in short), built on java EE standards, is an end to end application framework and an open source technology used to simplify and increase speed of enterprise applications. ADF is the most suitable application for enterprise developers who are interested in creating applications that create, search, display, modify and validate … [Read more...]

Why to Learn Python as Your First Programming Language

Key advantages of Python

Python has been designed keeping the newcomers in mind. Python reads like math of kindergarten and is so easy that even layman can understand it. The use of common expressions and white space has removed the need for monotonous curly brackets and variable declarations. Python also needs very less code to finish basic jobs making it very economical to study. Java’s code is … [Read more...]

What Color Temperature is Your Light?

Colour temperature

Color temperature is a way to determine the color of light using Kelvin degrees. It’s applicable for any glowing object but is widely used for marking light bulbs. The indication is based on such physical entity as correlated color temperature or CCT. When you heat up an object it starts glowing. First red and then yellow, white or blue. The higher is the temperature the … [Read more...]

Doogee Smart Cube – World’s Smallest Projector

Doogee Smart Cube P1

In this modern era of exciting inventions, we are in for a treat every single day. While Smartphones and Television sets have become smaller, slimmer and sleeker, there are a plenty of other things that we would love to hold in our hands - A projector for example. The folks at Wise Inventing have achieved this extraordinary feat. Presenting the World's Smallest Projector - … [Read more...]

Architectural Visualization

3d building

3D image, which is the product of computer graphics, is more understandable to the human eye than the detailed descriptions and pile of drawings. Science has stepped forward and is provided us with a great opportunity to look into the future and see the projected object on the stage of its design. Architectural visualization is a series of photorealistic 3D images of the … [Read more...]

TourWizard offers Virtual Tours Online


As you know, the power of the internet, or the world wide web (www) enables you to communicate faster, to collaborate better, to use software solutions that are improving your company’s  productivity, day in and day out. To use the new marketing strategies that the new media is putting on the table. And with this change (internet being the constant change in the past 20 … [Read more...]