Caternow has Launched Mobile Apps for Caterers


Caternow – An Airbnb for catering in Australia is a bootstrapped startup based in Melbourne. They have recently launched mobiles apps for their caterer partners (local caterers, restaurants, cafes, food trucks and wine suppliers). Founder “Divyesh Amipara” says the idea is to make caterers life easy with mobile app so that they can manage their orders easily. The mobile app … [Read more...]

Spike in Bitcoin Price!


Does it feel like the only moment about Bitcoin is when the value is often suddenly increasing or sinking, you notice? Us too! Now it’s traveling. Bitcoin is up about 30% over the last month, and about 50% during the last 3 months. The current cost is hovering right around $950. In the past, when it rose near to $1000 was in January 2014 once the value hit at $1,023 – before … [Read more...]

10KStartup: Get Your MVP in 30 Days

10kstartup review

Do you know what are the things that first time founders have in common? They have a flashy idea, very little funds and lack expertise in certain areas like designing & marketing. But now, a team of people who call themselves 10kStartup have emerged and the claim to handover your startup on your fingertips in just 30 days!' How 10KStartup Works 1. Understanding the … [Read more...]

Nanofixit is an Innovative Screen Protector

Nanofixit is an innovative screen protector

Mobile phones and tablet computers have become a necessity these days. These gadgets don't come cheap and the very first accessory that we generally purchase to safeguard the device is a screen protector. I recently came across a very new and interesting technology called Nanofixit that makes your screen scratch resistant. Nanofixit is an innovative new technology in the form … [Read more...]

WhatsApp Voice Call Feature Goes Live

Whatsapp calling feature

Now you can make voice calls using WhatsApp, as the world's most popular instant messaging app has finally integrated the voice call functionality. If you still don't have access to WhatsApp's voice call feature, do not worry. The added functionality is slowly being rolled out in the form of updates. Keep calm and wait for the update. The first look of the voice call … [Read more...]

Buy Google Chromecast from the Play Store in India

Google Chromecast now available in Google play India

Chromecast, the digital media player developed by Google is now available on Google Play India. This device was previously sold only through third-party vendors in India like Amazon. Chromecast is a 2.83 inch HDMI dongle that plays audio/video content on a HD display by directly streaming it via Wi-Fi or a local internet network. You just need to plug in the device on your … [Read more...]