Best Features of iOS 8 – A Comprehensive List

best features of ios 8

What is new in iOS 8 ? A lot of things. We are certainly late to the party, but it couldn't stop us from sharing the best features of iOS 8. It has been a while since iOS 8 upgrade was rolled out for Apple devices and the end user's response has been tremendous, as expected. With the introduction of iOS 8, Apple has introduced a host of new features. There are quite a few new … [Read more...]

Svchost.exe – All You Wanted to Know


Ever wondered what is this Svchost.exe process that is always running on your Windows computer ? Probably that is the reason you are reading this post. Today we will discuss all that you ever wanted to know about svchost.exe. What is svchost.exe ? Svchost.exe or Service Host is a Windows system process that can host multiple services of the Windows operating system. If you … [Read more...]

Google’s New Devices and Activity Dashboard Helps You Keep Track of Your Devices

Google devices and activity

Google has recently introduced a Devices and activity dashboard under the Security tab. This dashboard helps you to keep track of all the devices that are associated with your Google account. Once you open up the Devices and activity dashboard, you will have access to a couple of important information regarding the devices that are associated with your Google … [Read more...]

FireChat: A messaging app to go-Off-the-Grid


We are all familiar with the widely popular apps like Whatsapp and Snapchat that have brought millions of people together. So why use some other app that's new and not so popular ? Well, have you ever thought of chatting on your mobile phones without network coverage or internet connection ? No ? Read on. FireChat introduces a new way to chat with the people around you - … [Read more...]