Hide All IP: Hide Your IP Address, Location, Apps & More

Monitoring Hide All IP

Netflix, Hulu, YouTube etc - Don’t you feel annoyed and frustrated when you are prevented from enjoying the content on these websites in case you are living in a state where your ISP or your government have blocked access to these popular sites? Thanks to VPN tools and Hide All IP private proxy, now you can easily access these sites from anywhere in the world. This software … [Read more...]

VirtualSpeech: Public Speaking Made Easy

virtualspeech meeting room

Preparing for an important job interview or a public speaking event is never easy. However, worry not, as even the most confident individuals have experienced anxiety and nervousness at some point in their lives. Therefore, if you are feeling nervous or anxious, do not beat yourself up. Sadly, many people do not succeed in the job hunts due to the anxiety and nervousness … [Read more...]

RemoteShot Lets You Remotely Click a Picture With an Android Device

Remote shot

If you are in a group and don't have one of those long selfie sticks, there is an alternative which can be used to click your group picture. With the RemoteShot app you can remotely click a picture with an Android device using another Android device. This app needs to be installed on both the devices and pairing is done through Bluetooth. When you start the app, you have … [Read more...]

Best Educational Apps for Android and iOS

best educational apps duolingo

Today we bring you the best educational apps that not only make learning fun, but you can educate yourself on the go. Education has come a long way - from stone inscriptions which were used long ago to the e-learning of modern times. All this has been possible because internet and computers are easily available today. They have become more affordable and the world is … [Read more...]

Best Features of iOS 8 – A Comprehensive List

best features of ios 8

What is new in iOS 8 ? A lot of things. We are certainly late to the party, but it couldn't stop us from sharing the best features of iOS 8. It has been a while since iOS 8 upgrade was rolled out for Apple devices and the end user's response has been tremendous, as expected. With the introduction of iOS 8, Apple has introduced a host of new features. There are quite a few new … [Read more...]

Svchost.exe – All You Wanted to Know


Ever wondered what is this Svchost.exe process that is always running on your Windows computer ? Probably that is the reason you are reading this post. Today we will discuss all that you ever wanted to know about svchost.exe. What is svchost.exe ? Svchost.exe or Service Host is a Windows system process that can host multiple services of the Windows operating system. If you … [Read more...]