What are Backlinks and the Advantage of Backlinks

Advantage of backlinks

Link building and backlinks are very important aspects of building a successful blog, if not the most important. Today we are going to discuss all about backlinks and the advantages for backlinks. Backlinks or backlink is an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) terminology and can be defined as an inbound link to a particular website or a web page. The advantage of backlinks is … [Read more...]

What is Nofollow and Dofollow ?

What is nofollow

Before getting started with the topic, Let us quickly discuss what is rel Nofollow and why is came into existence. There was a time when webmaster's had to put in a lot of effort to keep 'robots' from 'crawling' web pages. They had to go through the trouble of telling search engines and robots not to follow a particular web page. To make the task easier for webmaster's, rel … [Read more...]