Free Backlink Generators: Good or Bad for SEO?

free backlink generators

What are backlinks? Links from external sites pointing to your own website or blog can be called as backlinks. These are inbound links that help the search engines to crawl your content as well as they influence the search results. But why the discussion on free backlink generators, you may ask. Read on. Each individual who is aware of Search Engine Optimization, knows the … [Read more...]

3 Simple Tips to Boost Your Blog Traffic

how to promote your blog

The success of your blog depends on the traffic that you can generate, specifically the number of visitors who read your content. Have you ever wondered why some blogs are so popular that they succeed on a widespread level, to the point whereby the author is elevated to an income earning blogger? Traffic, plain and simple, you either have or you need to create it. Below are the … [Read more...]

7 Search Engine Optimization Secrets Only a Handful of People Know


Whether you have a site for a school, law firm, e-commerce or anything else, you need people to be able to find you - and find you easily. You need to rank top in the search engine results to improve the chances of somebody visiting your site. This is where SEO Melbourne comes into play. It is unfortunate that there are only a handful of people who understand the importance of … [Read more...]

SEO: The Crucial Element In Business Web Design


For years, marketers and website owners have denied the importance of SEO for building their website exposure. However, we’ve finally come to a point where denial is no longer an option. The method website owners use to go about achieving a powerful online presence through SEO is not well-defined. In reality, the SEO process should start as soon as you design your website. Of … [Read more...]

Boost Organic Search Traffic – 5 Sure Shot Ways

Boost organic search traffic

Organic search traffic is what all the blogger's crave for as it is the best way to get traffic to your website. Getting listed in the top 10 on Google search results is every bloggers dream. And it is understandable because a blogger wants his blog to be read and appreciated. We all are always trying to find ways to boost organic search traffic to our blogs and this has always … [Read more...]

How To Promote Your Blog and Increase Blog Traffic

how to promote your blog

Do you want to become a successful blogger? Me too! However, becoming a successful blogger is not a piece of cake. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. The hard work is not only limited to writing great content. It also involves marketing your content, popularly called as content marketing or in simple words  you should know how to promote your blog and increase … [Read more...]