Infinitum Networks Review: IP Lease Made Easy

Infinitum Networks review

In today’s world, if you are involved in a business, you need to think on a global level. Scaling out has become the trend these days as it not only improves the profit margin, but also increases reach and establishes a global presence. However, a lot of fields like digital marketing, data mining and SEO agencies find it difficult to scale due to the dependency on local … [Read more...]

WPJobBoard Review: Create Online Job Board on WordPress

WordPress Jobs Plugin

If you running a popular website or blog on WordPress, you can take advantage of this very useful plugin called WPJobBoard. WPJobBoard is a WordPress jobs plugin that lets you create an online job board on WordPress. This job board can serve a lot of purposes. You can post job opening for your blog if you want to hire staff - A writer for example. Your visitors can … [Read more...]

WPAdverts Review: WordPress Classifieds Plugin

WPAdverts WordPress Classifieds Plugin

As you grow your blog and start getting decent traffic, the thought of monetizing the blog comes naturally to many. Now, there are plenty of ways to monetize a blog – advertising programs, affiliate commission, selling your own stuff and a lot more. An even better way is to build a classified section on your blog. Yes! You read that right. A classified section can be a … [Read more...]

HostWithLove Review: Excellent Web Hosting Solution

hostwithlove review

HostWithLove is a Singapore based privately owned hosting company that was established in 2012. They specialize in fully managed web-hosting solutions to help individuals run their websites smoothly. Unlike many other hosting provider they do not hide their price and most importantly don't make any false promises. HostWithLove places huge emphasis on customer service. They … [Read more...]

WPForever: A Container Based WordPress Platform

WPForever WordPress Hosting

If you are in search of the most reliable and the fastest WordPress platform, you have come to the right place. Today, we are going to talk about WPForever which is a "Container Based WordPress Platform". What is a Container Based Platform? In a shared hosting or any typical shared platform, the bandwidth and the server resources are shared between different websites. Due to … [Read more...]

Slaask: A Customer Contact Widget for Slack

Slaask wordpress plugin for slack

If you already use Slack to simplify communication between workmates, you can now also use it to make communication easier with your site visitors, with the help of Slaask. Slaask is a simple customer service app for Slack that enables you to chat with your visitors and clients in real-time, and directly from Slack. It is for forward-thinking businesses who believe in the … [Read more...]