Ultimate Gaming Laptop Buying Guide for 2016

Gaming laptop buying guide

Today we bring you the ultimate gaming laptop buying guide for 2016. When it comes to gaming, more and more people are inclined towards buying a gaming laptop now a days. The majority of such consumers are the young college students. Having a gaming laptop is a good idea for them as it serves two purposes. It can be used for general college work and of course for playing … [Read more...]

How to Make OS X Yosemite Installation Disk

How to make OS X Yosemite bootable installation disk

Since the Mac app store was introduced, all the OS releases and updates have been directed through it. This is why, unlike Windows, you don't get a permanent physical copy of the OS release. However, you can create a bootable installation of Yosemite or any other OS X release on a USB drive. This method of creating the bootable Yosemite installation comes in very handy … [Read more...]

Best Tips to Clean your Screen Effectively

How to clean your screen

All the various screens around us are dust magnets. Be it your LCDs, tablets, smartphones or even your regular glass surfaces. Wiping dust off of the surface of these screens may seem a very simple process, however if you don’t do it in a right way, you may damage the screen. Modern LCD and tablet screens are brighter, sharper as well as very delicate. So, it becomes necessary … [Read more...]

Speed Dials – A Smarter Way to Browse

Manage speed dials in Android

Many times, it can be annoying or frustrating to get access to your favorite sites on a mobile browser. Even with bookmarks, you often need to navigate to another screen before you can access them. With the free Dolphin Browser for Android, though, you have access to the speed dial, which gives you all your favorite sites right at your fingertips. Right when you launch … [Read more...]

How to Watch US Netflix from Anywhere Using Tunlr VPN

How to Watch US Netflix

Netflix is a very popular online streaming service where you can watch a variety of American TV shows. The only problem is, you can access Netflix only from the locations where it is available. Geotagging helps Netflix in determining the location of a computer or smartphone which is used to request the service. So, if you are trying to access Netflix from a location where it's … [Read more...]

How to Use Google Chrome for Searches


Google has become the most popular search engine and website in the world, this isn’t without reason. Just when you think Google has mastered every niche they possibly can they come out with more features to save people time and answer their questions. Using Google during your busy day can save you time and answer all of your questions. A traditional search engine is hard to … [Read more...]