App Store Search Results: How to Draw Attention to Your App

App store optimization

If you’re a mobile app developer in London and you read a lot about App Store Optimization (ASO), you must have noticed that most articles concentrate on written content: the title, keywords, sometimes the app's description and so on. Optimizing these elements will help you rank higher in App Store search, but the keywords and the description won't make people interested enough … [Read more...]

How to Convert ePub to Pdf for Free

pdf to epub converter

Are you looking for a free ePub to pdf converter? If yes, you are in luck as this post will talk about a free tool that can be used to convert ePub to pdf for free. If you are into reading e-books, you would be aware of the EPUB format. Also known as Electronic Publication, an ePub file can be downloaded and read on smartphones, computers and e-book readers. This is an open … [Read more...]

How To Learn Forex Trading Online?


Forex trading is an exciting and dynamic financial market. If you are planning to start a career in this exciting industry, the best you can do is to learn Forex trading first. Learn about the Forex market, its features, about currencies and factors affecting the currencies. Learn about the different tools used in the market and about the various indicators. Know about the … [Read more...]

How to Add a Comment in Excel

Insert comment in excel

Inserting comments in a cell becomes important when you want people to understand the purpose of a cell and what is the input it should have. It also helps in proper documentation. In order to insert comments in a cell in excel, you can follow this procedure. 1) Select the cell where you want the comment to be added to. 2) Go to Review - New comment or you can just use … [Read more...]

How to Open Hyperlinks in Microsoft Word Without the Ctrl Key

how to open Word options in 2013

If you use Microsoft Word quite often, you might know that in order to open a hyperlink using the default browser, you need to press the ‘Ctrl’ button and then click on the link. I do not like this feature and would rather use just the left click to open up the web link. If you are looking to ditch the ‘Ctrl’ button like I do, there is a setting in Word 2013 that can be … [Read more...]

How to Add a Signature in Gmail App

Edit gmail signature on gmail for iOS

Now that you can add multiple email accounts (including Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook) in the updated Gmail app for Android and iOS, you might be wondering how to add different signatures for different email accounts. It is very easy to add your signature to any email account that you've added through Gmail. The process is slightly different for Android and iOS. Don't worry, … [Read more...]