How to Watch Boxing Live Stream Free Online

Watch boxing live stream free online

Boxing is no doubt a popular sport with millions of followers all over the world. Boxing actions draw enormous crowd around match venues as fans struggle to watch how their favorite boxers slug it out with their opponent in the ring. High profile boxers like Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao draw large crowds whenever they are in action because they have the skills and personality … [Read more...]

How to Increase and Get More Instagram Followers

get more instagram followers

We all know, Instagram is rapidly becoming a focal point for brands, particularly for online businesses who want to use social media to easily connect with potential, current, and old customers worldwide. Effectively, by having your Instagram account you can easily catch the attention of many potential online buyers to visit your site and look for one of your products or … [Read more...]

How to Use Bobble Stickers with WhatsApp

Booble android keyboard with emoji

A few days back we talked about the best keyboard apps for Android. There was one particular app that stood out, Bobble sticker & keyboard app. Today we will take a look at how we can use Bobble stickers with the most popular messaging app for smartphones, WhatsApp. Using Bobble Sticker with WhatsApp 1) Head to the Google Play Store and download Bobble stickers & … [Read more...]

Duplicate Content Checking Tools: How to Deal with Plagiarism

Copyscape duplicate content checker

Plagiarism is an epidemic that often concerns online publishers as well as academicians, who are associated with grading research papers of students. Whether you are a blogger, a content writer or even a teacher, duplicity of content can turn you down in your profession. And if it is happening online, it can affect the SERP of your website badly. Hence, if you want to make sure … [Read more...]

How to Add Links and Text to Facebook Pictures


Research shows that pictures with text and a link have much higher click rates. Let people know who took the picture and be able to click a link for more information. PicVidShare Free Camera App makes it so easy right from your phone. How to add text and a link PicVidShare Automatic Camera App uses templates to add text and links Automatically to Facebook pictures. … [Read more...]

How to Use Remote COM Port Device

serial to ethernet connector

Modern computers are more often equipped with USB ports these days. USB standards, although fast, are not always perfect. That is why a lot of technologies actively use serial ports. In various cases there is the need of using COM port devices remotely, for example an app installed on one computer needs to receive data from a serial port on another, remote computer. Serial to … [Read more...]