Factors That Determine The Amount You Spend on A Laptop – Features You Should Look At

Factors that determine the amount you spend on a laptop

Technology today is far more advanced than ever before. You’ll find that computers are faster than ever, and you may want to purchase a new one. If you’re looking to pick up the latest tech, and you are looking at buying a laptop, you should know what factors determine the cost. Several factors are going to dictate the cost associated with purchasing a computer today. We have … [Read more...]

Top 5 Phones Under Rs 15000

Asus Zenfone 3s Max

Selecting a Smartphone under rupees 15000 is not an easy task, and the reason behind it is all the devices deserves equal attention. The online and offline market is full of best models from well-known brands. All these models carry almost same specifications and come with an almost same price tag. We can give you some good suggestions here. Check out our picks for best … [Read more...]

Top 7 Headphones Under $100

Marshall Major II

We are always looking for bargains these days and headphones are no different. However small your budget is, you always want to get the best value for that amount. No problem at all. There are millions of headphones on the market and although some cost thousands of dollars, there are also a few exceptionally good ones out there that won’t necessarily leave a hole in your … [Read more...]

A Look at Different Mobile Processors of 2016

Nvidia tegra K1 mobile CPU

A mobile processor is a CPU chip that is used in computing devices that are portable. They deliver breathtaking speed, amazing graphics, super fast connectivity, a longer battery life and empower a person to do more things on their devices. Mobile processors have lower voltage capacity that enables them to be cooled easily. It gives all the support to various mobile … [Read more...]

Hottest Smartphones in India Under 15000

Lenovo K4 Note

The Smartphone industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years and India has become quite a lucrative market with a growing user base and expanding consumption power. Budget friendly smartphones have quickly catapulted and have captured a large user base. More and more consumers are turning to budget friendly phones which provide the functionality of high-end … [Read more...]

Evolution of Dot-Matrix Printing Technology

advantages of Dot Matrix printer

Dot-matrix printers aren't a thing of the past. It's a common misconception that they no longer have any use as a point of sale printer just because thermal printers are out there. It's a fact that thermal printers and dot-matrix printers share quite a lot of features and advantages but when it comes down to the basics, the two are completely different and have nothing in … [Read more...]