Link Building: Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid

Link building mistakes

Whenever you're building a website, or just trying to market yourself, it's important to consider the content of everything you're posting. There is a big margin for error when it comes to SEO. Obviously, you want your website/brand to appear at every given platform. Whether that is on lists, or in search results. Of course, you also want to be one of the first results listed … [Read more...]

12 Step Checklist for Content Marketing After You Publish a New Blog Post

Checklist for blog marketing after publishing

You have written a great article for your blog and you are super excited after hitting the 'Publish' button. But have you gone through the checklist after publishing the new post? This checklist that I am talking about contains a 12 point plan that you ought to follow religiously after publishing a new blog post every single time. Great content can also go unnoticed Even … [Read more...]

WordPress 301 Redirect: How to Set it Up Easily

Wordpress 301 redirect

If  you have been wondering how to set up a WordPress 301 redirect all this while and could not find a suitable guide, you search ends here. Before digging out the details on 301 redirection, let us understand what a 301 redirect actually is. What is a 301 permanent redirect ? 301 is a HTTP response code which indicates that a client needs to perform additional action to … [Read more...]