Top 3 Horror Games to Play Online


Ever wondered what it’s like to be in a scary movie? What would it be like to play as a character who would fight demons, zombies, monsters, ghosts and lethal viruses? The excitement, the adrenaline rushing through your bloodstream, the fear, the anxiety and finally the joy of defeating the bad guy. One doesn’t have to be a hero to do all this. In fact, all this can be … [Read more...]

Encrypted Cloud Storage

Encrypted cloud storage

Storing data on the cloud has become very common these days. Primarily because, the greatest challenge that the regular users face is how to protect data securely or how to backup all data in a foolproof manner. Also, there are several scenarios when you can loose important data because of virus attack, accidental erasure, failure of the system, hard disk crash etc. The best … [Read more...]

App Store Optimization Tips for 2016

app store optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO short) aims at improving the discoverability of your app in the App Store. Often ASO is also compared with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is a similar marketing-related process aimed however to strengthen your web content within search engine results. In fact, both processes have some similarities, such as, for example, Keyword Research, … [Read more...]

Flipbook Market: A 3D Animation Store

Flipbook Market

Usually, a 3D production takes a long process, from the planning to the final render, and it requires so many specialists to complete each section. Finding a good 3D animator is not an easy task, and often take a long time the search the right one, so to speed it up the process you can avail of 3D Animation libraries. Flipbook market offers a wide variety of 3D animations … [Read more...]

Canadian Scientists Pay Homage to Rosalind Franklin with New Precision Medicine Initiative

Personalized cancer care

A Canadian biotech firm has launched a smart data platform designed to provide better personalized treatment options to cancer patients based on their genetic profile. Using a combination of artificial intelligence, virtual reality and complex mathematical algorithms, ROSALIND makes it possible to more quickly assess what treatments may be most effective for an individual's … [Read more...]

Podcast Transcription for Content Marketing

Podcast content marketing

Internet has the power to transform any kind of method known almost for centuries. Transcription is not an exception in this case. If we look at Wikipedia the formal definition: the linguistic sense is the systematic representation of language in written form. Sounds pretty archaic and it goes back to the times when first written form existed. Now in modern times transcriptions … [Read more...]