Domain Name System in Computer Networks

Domain name system in computer network

The primary element in the Domain Name System (DNS) is a huge collection of DNS servers. The server is any computation registered jack that adjoins the DNS. It mans on special-purpose network software, basically featuring a widely used IP address as well as being the storage database for network labels and addresses for online website hosts. These servers will have mutual … [Read more...]

5 Best Keyboard Apps for Android

Booble android keyboard with emoji

For most of the Android users, the simple stock keyboard is more than enough for usability and to perform the day-to-day tasks. Today, however the stock keyboards are lagging behind in terms of the features that are packed with the third-party keyboards. There are many keyboard apps for Android available today that provide you with keyboard customizations, emoji, autocomplete … [Read more...]

How Salesforce Apps for CRM Will Make Your Business More Productive

CRM Fusion

Having organized information on hand for your business's employees is the first step in creating productivity.  Let Salesforce Apps do the heavy lifting for you. An excellent method of growing your business is to increase productivity.  For many small businesses the best way to increase productivity is to concentrate on your employees.  Your employees should spend less time … [Read more...]

Reasons that Make Hiring a Web Developer a Great Choice

Affordable web design

Nowadays, you have a lot of website builders that can help you build your own website. They provide you with tutorials and you start getting the feeling that it is pretty easy. Check out the basics, start working on it and within hours, you have already created your website. But in reality, is it that simple? One main problem in digital marketing is that the owners of small … [Read more...]

Things to Consider Before Creating a Small Business Website

How to make your own website

The advent of Internet has turned out to be a very ingenious technological tool that touches almost every aspect of our lives. There has been a total shift in the way companies conduct their business all thanks to the Internet technology. E-business is a new function brought forth after the fusion of internet and business technology thus enabling communication and transfer of … [Read more...]

Increase Supply Chain Visibility and Flexible Data Access

Supply Chain Management

Increased complexity and multi-party nature of suppliers have caused longer lead times, more pipeline inventory, and obsession with logistics at executive and C levels. It tends to force supply chain management (SCM) to lose money by paying too many big salaries. Growth in times of change The need to optimize customer service frequently has prioritized visibility of the … [Read more...]