Discover Mobile Music Freedom With HearNotes

HearNotes wire free headphones

At some point, almost every audio lover has wished for wireless earbuds or headsets that would allow them the privacy of an individual listening experience without the hassle of wires connecting the earbuds to their media device. HearNotes, which features revolutionary wireFREE technology, has made these wires obsolete. These earbuds allow you to listen to high fidelity stereo … [Read more...]

Bitcoin Hosting: Buy a Hosting Service Using Bitcoin

Bitcoin hosting

When Bitcoin was first introduced, very few would have imagined that it would become the most popular digital currency. Its popularity hit a new high when Microsoft announced that they will start accepting Bitcoins for digital content. Bitcoin has undoubtedly taken over the crypto-currency marketplace. Today, Bitcoins are accepted as a digital currency almost everywhere. And … [Read more...]

Internet Tips and Tricks for Better Browsing

Internet tips and tricks

We all love browsing the internet in our free time. Well, you actually lose track of time while you are connected to the internet ! There are a lot of Internet tips and tricks to make your browsing experience awesome and to help you save a lot of time. We are sharing 10 tips and tricks that will definitely help improve your browsing experience. Improve your browsing … [Read more...]

An Interview With Amrit Sinha – Debut Author of ‘Beginning With a Comma’

Amrit Sinha-beginning with a comma

Today, we have a guest with us here at Tech.Cloud. Let me introduce you to Mr. Amrit Sinha, the debut author of the upcoming novel 'Beginning with a comma'. Amrit Sinha is an upcoming author having penned a few short stories that are now available in most of the bookstores. His debut novel would be out any moment now and he also has a few book contracts in his kitty to take … [Read more...]

Make Donations In India: 5 Non-Profit Organizations

Make donations in India

How often do you reward yourself for the hard work that you put in everyday ? Very frequently I suppose. Your hard-earned money must be spent on expensive apparel, high-end gadgets, fine-dining and what not. These things make you feel good about yourself and you have all the rights to enjoy your life. After all, it is your hard-earned money. But just think if you can make … [Read more...]