Best Laptop Under 25000 INR: ASUS X200LA-KX034D Review

You are reading this post because you are on a tight budget are looking to buy the best laptop under 25000 INR. Right ?

You have come to the right place my friend !

There is no reason not to buy a budget laptop now a days as we have plenty of good options available in laptops that are priced under 25000 INR. A budget laptop will serve your purpose when you are not looking for a lot of multitasking and basically want to use the laptop on a daily basis for emails or daily productivity work. We have a lot of options available in the market for laptops that are priced under 25000 INR. We did some research on the budget laptops so that we can figure out the best laptop under 25000. Finally, we zeroed in on ASUS X200LA-KX034D.

Best laptop under 25000: ASUS X200LA-KX034D

Review: Why is ASUS X200LA-KX034D the best laptop under 25000 INR ?



There are a lot of things that make this laptop the best laptop under 25000. First and foremost, ASUS X200LA-KX034D runs on the 4th Gen Intel Core  i3 processor. Very few laptops in this price range come with the 4th Gen Intel Core i3 processor and the one’s that pack this feature are available at a higher price than ASUS. The i3 runs at 1.7 Ghz and delivers a very good performance.

The processor’s best friend RAM, is a 4GB DDR3 with the option to upgrade it to 8GB via the 2 unused SODIMM slots. One of the reasons why the ASUS X200LA-KX034D is the best laptop under 25000 is that the RAM speed is 1600 Mhz. The 4th Gen i3 and the 1600 Mhz RAM makes this laptop a very good performer when compared to any other laptops in this price range.


The ASUS X200LA-KX034D comes with a 11.6 inch LED backlit Glare display which is quite bright at 1,366 x 7, 68 pixels. The text appear rich and the colours are sharp. The display is powered by the Intel HD 4400 which can also play your regular games with ease, but not the graphic intensive ones. Prolonged laptop usage can strain your eyes a little, however the display is excellent overall.


The ASUS X200LA-KX034D is not too heavy. At 1.3 Kg and just about 30 mm thick, it is a very compact laptop. The laptop comes in a white and black colour and is pleasing to the eyes. The keyboard is laid out well but the keys might me a little small for your liking if you have big hands.

Storage and Multimedia

The laptop comes with a 500 GB SATA hard drive which runs at 5400 rpm. This is a decent amount of storage space considering the fact that the laptop is for a general everyday use. You can always plug-in a USB hard drive for external storage. The laptop comes with one USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports. A decent webcam has been provided for all your chat needs which is positioned just above the display. You can listen to music courtesy the stereo speakers which promise HD audio experience, another reason why we are considering ASUS X200LA-KX034D as the best laptop under 25000.

Battery and Networking

ASUS X200LA-KX034D comes with a 3-cell lithium-ion battery which has enough juice to run your laptop for up to 3 hours of regular usage. ASUS also provides a HDMI port to connect any external HDMI devices. An 802.11 b/g/n wireless LAN and 10/100/1000 Mbps ethernet port will fulfill your connectivity needs. ASUS X200LA-KX034D also boasts of bluetooth 4.0 and a media card reader.

Operating System

The only downside on this laptop is perhaps the absence of the operating system. Again, you cannot expect everything from a budget laptop. The ASUS X200LA-KX034D comes with DOS and you can install the operating system as per your convenience. That’s the reason why we still consider this as the best laptop under 25000.

Final thoughts and price

If you are looking for budget laptop then the ASUS X200LA-KX034D is the best laptop under 25000 INR. This laptop is compact, easy on the eye, has a powerful processor and RAM and packs an amazing display. The ASUS X200LA-KX034D comes with a 1 year warranty and you can use it everyday or for business purposes. The lack of the operating system is negated considering the other amazing features.

The ASUS X200LA-KX034D is priced just at a little over 23000 INR at Amazon and at this price it is the best laptop under 25000. You can click on the link below for a special discount.

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ASUS X200LA-KX034D Specifications:

General Specifications
Model ASUS X200LA-KX034D
Dimensions(WxHxD) 37 x 24.8 x 6.4 cm
Weight 1.3 Kg
Display Features HD LED Glare Display
Display Resolution 1366 x 768 Pixels
Display Size 11.6 Inches
Display Type LED
Processor Intel Core i3-4010U
Processor Model Core i3 4th Gen
Clock-speed 1.7 Ghz
Graphic Processor Intel HD 4400
Expandable Memory 8 GB
Total Memory Slots 2 SODIMM
RAM type DDR3
Capacity 4 GB
RAM speed 1600 Mhz
HDD Capacity 500 GB SATA
HDD Speed(RPM) 5400 RPM
Battery type Li-Ion – 3 Cell
Operating System, Multimedia and Connectivity
Type 64
Ethernet Ports(Numbers) 1
Ethernet type 10/100/1000 Mbps
Wireless LAN 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth Yes
Bluetooth Version 4
USB 2.0 slots 2
USB 3.0 slots 1
Digital Media Reader Yes
Web-cam Yes
Headphone Jack Yes
Microphone Jack Yes
VGA Port Yes
Audio Solution HD Audio Solution
Speakers Stereo Speakers
In-built Microphone Yes

Do let us know if you have any questions and if you have any other recommendation for the best laptop under 25000 in the comment section below.


  1. Nishant Sharma says

    Hi Arpit!

    Thanks for such an informative and useful blog! Just wished to take your opinion on something- There is a macbook core 2 duo 13.3″ 2.4 Ghz being offered @ $ 362 (Appx Rs 23000) on How is that a deal? What would you recommend – Macbook or this version of Asus?

    • says

      Hey Nishant!

      Glad that you like the blog. Regarding the Macbook, is it a new one or a refurbished one ? In any case a 4th gen Core i3 will outperform the core 2 duo anyday. Also, the 1600 MHz RAM in the ASUS is an additional advantage. Hope you will be able to make a good decision :)

  2. Karthik says

    I am looking for a good budget laptop in around 20K, this one outperformed everything. Can you point out some negatives regarding this so that I can make a good decision

  3. anand tyagi says

    hey, thanks a ton for letting me know. I was looking the laptop in a tight budget and found this one. My only concern is that I’ve read in some review on amazon that the hard disk of this prod. Makes clicking sound which is very annoying. Could you please help me get this fact right….I mean if you own this then pls help.

  4. Prathamesh Juvatkar says


    You have mentioned that this laptop has two unused SODIMM slots using which we can expand ram to 8 GB. But after I opened it, I couldnt find the extra slots. Any idea where the slots are located or any guide to expand ram?


    • says

      Hi Prathamesh,

      There are 2 SODIMM slots in the laptop and it comes with 4GB RAM. You will have 2x2GB sticks already inserted. To expand it to 8GB, you need to replace those two 2GB sticks with the 4GB ones. Buy 2x4GB RAM and replace them with the preinstalled ones to expand to 8GB.

      Or you can replace one 2GB RAM stick with a 4GB one to get a total of 6GB RAM. Hope that helps.
      Arpit Roy recently posted…How to Create a Flowchart OnlineMy Profile

  5. Amlan says

    Nice Review . Just one question . If I want to replace the hdd with an ssd , How easy will be the upgrade process ? I am asking this as I am currently using a 10.1 inch Asus netbook and when I replaced the HDD , that was a very troublesome one , as i had to open a lot of screws and open the keyboard and touchpad for it . Not an easy one for a new user . Thanks .

    • says

      Hi Amlan,

      An SSD upgrade is pretty easy. Just open up the compartment housing the HDD, take it out and plug in the SSD.

      A few notebooks don’t have separate compartments to house the HDD, that is when you have to open up the keyboard and touchpad to access it. Let me know how it goes.
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  6. habeeb says

    Hi Arpit ..i got this laptop ..i want to know can i install windows 8.1 x86 on this laptop .it crashed when i tried to install it ..does it support uefi x86 software..if so how to do it ..can u guide me to a tutorial thats helps me to install windiows 8.1 uefi x86 on thos laptop as my billing software works only on x86 architecture..sorry for the length ..and thanks in advance

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