3 Best Selfie Smartphones of 2015

Everyone is obsessed with selfies today. You can gauge the popularity of selfies from the fact that the word ‘Selfie’ got inducted into the Oxford dictionary last year! Today, we talk about the 3 best selfie Smartphone’s of 2015.

Smartphone’s front camera, which was just another feature until very recently has suddenly taken the centre stage today. It has become big – both literally and figuratively. Also, this has become a great marketing strategy for Smartphone companies for the selfie-obsessed public. Lets check out the Smartphone’s that are great for taking slefies.

Best selfie Smartphone’s

HTC Desire Eye

selfie smartphone review HTC desire eye

I recently got my hands on the HTC Desire Eye and was pretty impressed by the Smartphone. Although HTC has not made great progress in terms of Smartphone sales, they keep on introducing some great looking Smartphone’s. HTC Desire Eye is one among them.

HTC Desire Eye is very much a selfie centric Smartphone which comes with a 13MP front and rear camera aided with dual-tone LED flash. This means that you can take great selfies with HTC Desire Eye.

Both the cameras are really good and the dual-tone flash delivers great performance in various lighting conditions. The image quality, including the while balance and the colour reproduction is brilliant. The 2.3 Ghz Snapdragon 801 SoC is a very powerful performer and this coupled with the 13MP dual camera makes HTC Desire Eye the best selfie Smartphone of 2015. It won’t be wrong to say that as a selfie performer, no phone in the market can perform better than the Desire Eye.

The price tag of the HTC Desire Eye however may not be very pleasing to your eyes. At INR 36,990, HTC Desire Eye falls in the same bracket as HTC’s flagship Smartphone’s. If you have the budget and want a phone with powerful performance and the best selfie taking capabilities, this is the Smartphone for you.

Microsoft Lumia 730

selfie smartphone review Microsoft lumia 730

Microsoft have been taking the selfie Smartphone segment very seriously. They even organized the ‘World’s largest groupie’ in Bangladesh a few months ago. Lumia 730, which was the last Smartphone with the Nokia branding, is our second choice for the best selfie Smartphone.

The Lumia 730 boasts of a 5MP wide-angle front camera with f/2.4 aperture. The Smartphone performs brilliantly outdoors and is pretty good under indoor fluorescent lights and low lights. The images are sharp and the Smartphone’s camera captures the colours accurately without loosing its white balance. The low light performance is quite ok and not very great. While the colours remain accurate, images are darker and less detailed.

The auto selfie feature in the Lumia 730 is very good where you can use the 6.7MP rear camera to shoot images. The auto selfie feature on the Lumia 730 allows you to point the rear camera at yourself, which then adjusts its position and starts beeping when it’s ready and takes the picture automatically. This feature however may not work as expected under low light.

The overall performance of the Microsoft Lumia 730 is quite good. The price tag of INR 14,999 makes is quite an affordable selfie Smartphone.

Motorola Moto X (2nd Gen)

selfie smartphone Moto X 2nd gen

Moto X is one of the best Smartphone in the market today and can be used to take great selfies as well. Moto X performs really well under outdoor conditions. The camera’s white balance and colour reproduction is as good as the Lumia 730. Probably the biggest compliment that you can give to Moto X is that it takes clearer shots with its 2.1MP  camera under low light, than the 730 did with its 5MP shooter.

Moto X is also the fastest among the 3 phones that we have compared today. Another great thing about Moto X is that it responds to voice commands very fast. You can simply tell your phone to ‘Take a Selfie’ and it will oblige.

The lack of camera features is a slight disadvantage though. The stock Android camera in the Moto X has no extra features. You have to point the camera at yourself to take a selfie with no pre or post-production options available. However, Moto X is a really good performer and the price tag of INR 29,999 makes it pretty affordable for a flagship Smartphone. The ability to take above average selfies makes Moto X even more attractive.

HTC Desire Eye Vs Microsoft Lumia 730 Vs Moto X (2nd Gen)

 Best selfie smartphone review HTC desire eye  Best selfie smartphone review Microsoft lumia 730  selfie smartphone Moto X 2nd gen
HTC Desire Eye Nokia Lumia 730 Moto X (2nd Gen)
Price (INR) 36,990 14,999 29,999
Rear Camera 13MP 6.7MP 13MP
Front Camera 13MP 5MP 2.1MP
Front Built-In Flash Yes No No
CPU Cores 4 4 4
CPU Speed 2.3Ghz 1.2Ghz 2.5Ghz
Display 5.2 inch 4.7 inch 5.2 inch
Display Resolution 1080p 720p 1080p
Display PPI 424 316 424

This was our roundup of the 3 best selfie Smartphone’s of 2015. Do you have something else to add to this list? Do let us know in the comment section below.

Note: The prices mentioned here may vary as per the market conditions.


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