10KStartup: Get Your MVP in 30 Days

Do you know what are the things that first time founders have in common? They have a flashy idea, very little funds and lack expertise in certain areas like designing & marketing. But now, a team of people who call themselves 10kStartup have emerged and the claim to handover your startup on your fingertips in just 30 days!’

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How 10KStartup Works

1. Understanding the Scope

The team at 10KStartup will have a deep dive along with the customer to understand the idea and help the customer make a note of the top priorities. A simple spec sheet is then prepared with the project demands and a stakeholder analysis is delivered to the customer.

2. Product Study

Once the team has a clear understanding on the project, they start on the UX design in CSS/HTML and deliver the customer the UX wireframe and UI mockups. This goes for a customer review and any changes are implemented. Post this they start building the foundation of the software architecture/API structure.

3. Development

Building a software product can be an uphill task and this is where the developers and engineers from 10KStartup come in. In a two week timeframe, all the frontend and backend development is taken care of by the skilled team. Once the development is completed, the app is deployed on a test environment and code repository.

4. Test and Deploy

Once the development is completed, the app is made available to the customer who can share it with friends and family. All the bugs reported in this phase are fixed for good. Tracking/Metrics are deployed and the app is ready to be published.

10KStartup is team of real people you can talk with. They develop and design your Web/Mobile App as per your requirements and are committed to launch a high quality codebase (their core technologies are the cutting edge Angular 2 and Node.js) in one month. The best part about them is that their prices are fixed and very low at just 10k USD.

For more information have a look at 10Kstartup.com

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