Architectural Visualization

3d building

3D image, which is the product of computer graphics, is more understandable to the human eye than the detailed descriptions and pile of drawings. Science has stepped forward and is provided us with a great opportunity to look into the future and see the projected object on the stage of its design. Architectural visualization is a series of photorealistic 3D images of the … [Read more...]

HomeKit Koogeek P1 Smart Plug: Inspiraion for Life

Koogeek Homekit

HomeKit is one of Apple’s dominant marketing strategies to streamline smart home appliances. The word “home” refers to home automation, whereas “kit” stands for software developer kit (SDK). HomeKit intends to introduce new ideas for smart accessories to be communicated and controlled from various product categories like speakers, detectors, plugs and blinds. Koogeek P1 HomeKit … [Read more...]

10 Best Website SEO Checker Tools

Best website SEO checker tools

So you're in business, and you've built yourself a website. What now? How do you get your website seen by a target audience? With Search Engine Optimization! This is a process that involves modifying your website to be more search engine friendly. Therefore, bringing your website to a higher rank, and getting it seen by a broader audience. Now, how do you go about utilizing the … [Read more...]

Slaask: A Customer Contact Widget for Slack

Slaask wordpress plugin for slack

If you already use Slack to simplify communication between workmates, you can now also use it to make communication easier with your site visitors, with the help of Slaask. Slaask is a simple customer service app for Slack that enables you to chat with your visitors and clients in real-time, and directly from Slack. It is for forward-thinking businesses who believe in the … [Read more...]

NetHost Review: Web Hosting Singapore

NetHost hosting provider

A reliable working website is one of the major tools needed to maintain an online presence. Whether it's your business, personal or corporate site; getting it online and keeping it running is not usually an easy thing to do. This is partly because many web hosting companies provide services that you can conclude as unreliable and inefficient. Web hosting is more than just … [Read more...]